One of our specialties at The Legal Connection is preparing and overseeing the issuance of Depositions Upon Written Questions (“DWQ”) and Subpoenas Duces Tecum from non-parties.  Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 200 guides the issuance of a Notice and Questions.  It states:  “A party may take the testimony of any person or entity by deposition on written questions before any person authorized by law to take depositions on written questions.”  The DWQ can be issued in either an Admissible or Inadmissible format.  We tailor the DWQ to your case and have forms to include business, medical, billing, police, cell phone, radiology, dental, academic, mental health, banking, emergency, and social security, to name a few.  Keep in mind it is necessary to serve notice on the Witness and all parties at least twenty (20) days before the DWQ is taken.  Please contact us today at 512.892.5700 to discuss your case and what works best for your circumstances.


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