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Haydn Jones

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Haydn Jones was born in Harlingen, Texas and was raised in Brownsville. The son of a college professor and small business owner, Haydn was immersed in the values of hard work and education from an early age. In an effort to see what the rest of the world had to offer, Haydn attended Texas A&M University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business with a minor in Legal Studies. It was at A&M where Haydn’s first exposure was to the legal field. Sticking to his roots in business and entrepreneurship, Haydn is working towards his Masters of Business Administration at Liberty University to learn more about the business and management world.

Haydn joined The Legal Connection in 2019 as part of the Southeast Texas Business Development team.

When not working on the latest projects for TLC, Haydn can often be found fishing in the Gulf of Mexico or hunting at the ranch back home.


The Legal Connection, Inc.