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What are the components of an Affidavit?

I am often asked, when discussing record retrieval and requests by authorization, about the admissibility of documents. I thought a series on the process might be helpful.  Let’s start with the components of an Affidavit.  They are:

  1. Commencement: This is the beginning of the document where the affiant or the person making the affidavit is identified.
  2. Averments: Also known as affirmations, these include a list of all the claims that are being made by the affiant.
  3. Statement of Truth: A statement of truth is what states that everything that is mentioned in the affidavit is true. A statement of truth may be something like this: I solemnly swear that the aforementioned are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  4. Attestation Clause: This is the portion where the oath made by the affiant is certified. It also consists of the date.
  5. Signatures: This is the last portion of the document that includes the signature of the affiant, as well as that of the witness(es).

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