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Notary Services


The evolution of notary services has transformed the way documents are authenticated, and The Legal Connection is leading the charge in this evolution. With our expansive network of connections, we offer superior notary services across the United States, tailored to your specific requirements for a seamless and efficient process.

Traditional vs. Online Notary Services

Traditionally, notarizing a document involved physical presence and an embossed seal. However, technological advancements have paved the way for online notary services, which have gained popularity in recent years. The Legal Connection has embraced this change and now offers Online Notary Services along with Traditional Notary Services, made possible by legislative changes in August 2018.

Benefits of Online Notary Services

One of the primary advantages of online notary services is the elimination of the need for physical presence. Through two-way audio video conferencing and identity verification, signers can remotely notarize documents with ease using desktop or smartphone devices. Our certified eNotaries ensure the integrity and authenticity of documents by digitally sealing them with tamper-proof digital certificates during recorded online sessions.

Online notary services streamline the process, increasing turn-around time and offering flexibility to our clients. The convenience of remote notarization enhances efficiency, making the entire process more convenient for all parties involved.

Commitment to Innovation

At The Legal Connection, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of notary service advancements. By leveraging technology, we provide clients with superior service, whether they require traditional or online notary services. Our expertise and capabilities extend across the United States, ensuring that we meet your notary service needs efficiently and effectively.

Trust The Legal Connection for all your notary service needs and experience the convenience and efficiency of our professional services. Whether you’re in need of traditional or online notary services, our dedicated team is here to provide you with exceptional service, no matter your location in the United States.

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