The Legal Connection can assist with your Notary Public needs throughout the United States. Our network of connections enables us to quickly retrieve your document, get it appropriately Notarized and into your hands quickly and painlessly.


For many years the only way to notarize a document was by putting ink to paper and having the notary affix an embossed seal. Thanks to an addition in September 2015 of Subchapter C to Chapter 406 of the Texas Government Code, The Legal Connection, Inc. is now offering Online Notary Services, which means we are able to notarize documents without the signer physically appearing before the notary public. With the ever-evolving technology age, Texas now allows its’ commissioned notaries to perform electronic notarization or remote notarization using two-way audio video conferencing and easy two-step identity verification (requiring a desktop or smart-phone equipped with audio and video). The signor can be located anywhere and will connect via teleconference with one of our certified eNotaries, and an electronic version of the document is electronically signed by the parties and digitally sealed during the recorded online notary session. Once this digital certificate is affixed to the document, it is rendered tamper proof and any attempts to alter the document will be evident. Online Notary increases turn-around time and offers flexibility to our clients.