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Navigating Legal Transcription: Insights from the TCRA Freelance Committee

In the fast-paced world of legal proceedings, accuracy and reliability are paramount. Attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals rely heavily on transcripts to document and understand the intricacies of court cases, depositions, and other legal events. However, with technological advancements, the landscape of transcription services is evolving rapidly, prompting questions and concerns within the legal community.


Recently, the TCRA Freelance Committee received an inquiry that shed light on a novel approach to transcription services: the integration of AI technology with video footage, promising quick turnaround times and certification. In response to this inquiry, the committee deliberated on the implications of such practices and offered valuable insights for legal practitioners.


The inquiry posed a specific question: whether there are providers who produce videotaped transcripts with subtitles. The response provided by the inquirer indicated a process involving AI-generated captions on video, followed by a “verification transcript certificate” within a specified timeframe. This approach, while seemingly efficient, raised red flags within the TCRA Freelance Committee.


Upon careful consideration, the committee articulated its concerns regarding this unconventional method. While acknowledging the potential benefits of leveraging AI technology for transcription, they emphasized the importance of adhering to established procedures and standards in the legal transcription industry. In the state of Texas, digital reporting, particularly through AI, is not recognized as an authorized method for taking depositions. Therefore, attorneys should exercise caution when presented with promises of AI-generated captions preceding certification of the transcript.


The Chair of the Freelance Committee, underscored the committee’s stance on the matter. They emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in transcription services, urging legal professionals to prioritize accuracy and compliance with regulatory frameworks. Highlighting the traditional approach wherein transcripts are finalized by certified reporters, then synchronized with video footage—a process that ensures accuracy and reliability.


In conclusion, while technological innovations continue to reshape the landscape of transcription services, the fundamental principles of accuracy, reliability, and adherence to legal standards remain unchanged. The TCRA Freelance Committee’s recommendation serves as a guiding light for legal practitioners, reminding them to exercise vigilance and discernment when exploring new transcription methodologies. By staying informed and upholding industry standards, legal professionals can navigate the evolving terrain of transcription services with confidence and integrity.


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