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“Times They Are A Changin'”

When Bob Dylan wrote “These Times They are A Changin’” in 1964, I am venturing he did not realize all the challenges we would be facing in 2020. Technology has allowed us to reconnect with long-lost family and high school friends, determine our ancestors with a virtual family tree, never write a paper check again, have groceries delivered to any place in the country, and online host meetings from the luxury of our own home.

For years, The Legal Connection, Inc. has provided exceptional record retrieval services (Depositions by Written Questions or requests using a patient authorization). Our staff continues to work remotely to ensure those needs are met. Many of the witnesses have transitioned to working remotely, which means we are continuing to collect the evidence you need to move your case closer to settlement! With so many struggling without jobs, it is more important now than ever to see if settlement is a viable option for all parties.

While your travel plans may be disrupted and your socializing has become viral, The Legal Connection, Inc. has taken the necessary steps to ensure your oral depositions, mediations, hearings, interviews or other in-person type meetings can be switched over to online meetings. We have several options available to meet your needs. For years we have hosted video-conferenced depositions and assisted trial teams with their online needs. The benefits to you and your clients are savings for traveling and overnight stays, as well as, the security of knowing all evidence and exhibits are at your fingertips for reference purposes during your event. The Supreme Court of Texas issued an order Misc. Docket No. 20-9042 on Friday, March 13, 2020, allowing participants of hearings, depositions, or other proceedings of any kind to participate remotely, and such evidence shall be considered sworn statements or testimony.

Our staff at The Legal Connection, Inc. are also eNotaries, which means we are electronic notary certified. If you have a need for a legal document to be notarized but your client or witness do not want to leave the comforts of their home, we can assist.

Rather than cancelling your in-person event, consider calling The Legal Connection to assist with transitioning your event to a video-conferenced online event or eNotary event. We are here to serve you and look forward to hearing from you!

We here at The Legal Connection, Inc. hope you are staying well. Even though “Times They are A Changin’”, there is no need to stop your case from proceeding!

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