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Texas laws of civil prociedure

Following Texas Rules of Civil Procedure

Have you ever noticed Texas is a little different than the other United States? Not only are we the biggest state, but, personally, I think we are the best. After last year’s ice storm, you may already know Texas is the only state with its own electric grid. We also have the 11th largest economy in the world and have more Fortune 500 companies than anywhere else in the country.

Those differences do not stop at the Texas civil procedure. We also obtain non-party admissible information from our cases differently from many states. Most states obtain admissible information through discovery requests or by using an authorization or release of their patient. Some states simply allow a letter request. A few other states, like Texas, use Depositions Upon Written Questions. A few are Wisconsin, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maine.

What also makes Texas unique is we are one of very few states who do not recognize the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (“UIDDA). The only others who do not recognize are Wyoming, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Connecticut and Missouri are currently pending enactment. Every other state recognizes UIDDA.

When deciding on your next legal service provider, it would be wise to use someone who is not only located in the great State of Texas, but also has a team familiar with the laws and idiosyncrasies of Texas civil procedure rules. Not every legal service vendor knows how to correctly process, serve, and produce a Notice and Subpoena for a Deposition Upon Written Questions. Small errors like not serving the paperwork correctly or not filing the correct documents with the court can invalidate your legal documents and result in a Motion to Quash which could stall your case and cost your clients more money than necessary because you now need to get it cleared through a hearing or a Rule 11 agreement.

At The Legal Connection, Inc. (“TLC”) not only do we have an owner who was born and raised in Texas, but she also has worked as a Litigation Paralegal for litigation firms prior to opening the business. She understands discovery and litigation like the back of her hand and has been instrumental in creating most of the procedures and processes for the team. Our team also receives continuous training in weekly meetings of the proper handling of requests, including those difficult foreign subpoena requests, probate and estate cases, and criminal cases.

Give us a call to find out why we are known for our “TLC”. We will take care of you and your case!


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