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Tips for Remote Depositions

Our remote technicians have seen it all and wanted to share some helpful tips to ensure your next remote depositions or videotaped event is successful.


  1. Pause after the question is asked/answered to avoid overlap and lost audio.
  2. Ask the deponent to show up early in the online remote call to resolve any potential tech issues before the scheduled start time.
  3. If the deponent is older or tech-illiterate, try to get them to show up at the attorney’s office where there will be people to help them. TLC has seen several depositions that went longer than they needed to or outright cancel day of because the deponent could not figure out the tech. TLC offers offices and computers to our deponents and attorneys and have the staff to assist with videoconference deposition set-ups.
  4. If the attorney is not comfortable with live remote sharing of exhibits, they can set up their own remote meeting to practice and get a feel for how document sharing via virtual remote works.  It is free and very simple to do.
  5. Use a wired ethernet connection or be close to router.
  6. Have headphones you can use to prevent audio feedback/echoes.
  7. If you are using a cell phone, make sure you have a charger and something to prop the phone up, so you do not have to hold it (causing shaky video recordings).
  8. You can test audio/video settings by starting a meeting with just yourself.
  9. You can blur your background using the online remote apps.
  10. When sharing your screen, you can select a specific program or window to show only what is needed.
  11. Think about the lighting in your room. We prefer a light in front of you rather than an open window behind you so we can see your face. Ring lights are available online and are designed for online meetings.
  12. Turn off any ceiling fans visible in the video feed as those are very distracting to the video and sometimes cause weird shadows.
  13. Consider how your witness will dress. Pick solid colors in subtle hues that compliment your witness’ features and presents them well.
  14. Remind your witness your event is a legal proceeding. It is advisable they do not eat or drink alcohol during the event.


The Legal Connection, Inc. is here to assist with all your legal deposition service needs.


If you would like to learn more, attached are the links to each of the Zoom and Webex‘s learning center.


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