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Double Check Your Certified Court Reporter

In a world driven by technology, how is it possible artificial intelligence (AI) is not used in the legal industry for oral depositions? The technology is allowed in Federal Courts, but lobbyists for Texas Court Reporting firms have fought hard to keep the long-standing rules requiring a Certified Shorthand Court Reporter to capture the testimony of witnesses in Texas. One company tried to makes it’s way post-pandemic into Texas but hit a wall. Read more about what transpired.

StoryCloud Crushed in Texas

What Just Happened in Texas?

This is the current message on the StoryCloud portal:

If StoryCloud took your deposition and you need to order a transcript, please reach out to [email protected] to place an order for that transcript. If you are a previous client of StoryCloud and need access to your transcripts or media files, please email [email protected]. Please note that the StoryCloud client portal was disabled on July 29, 2022.

You can search for your assigned certified shorthand court reporters here to ensure they are licensed to cover your event: Court Reporter Licensee Search

If you are the opposing counsel on a case where you think a digital reporter was used, check the Reporter’s Certification signature block at the back of the transcript. A certified court reporter should have their license number listed as: TEXAS CSR #### (Texas uses a four digit system) and the firm should also be listed with their address on their license: CRCB FIRM NO. ### (usually a three digit system). Most digital reporter pages have a statement by the digital reporter then a separate certification by the transcriptionist. Neither are certified court reporters.

The Legal Connection, Inc. uses only certified shorthand court reporters and follows the Texas Rules of Court

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